Tezos Luxembourg

Join the blockchain evolution, be part of the Luxembourg Tezos Community. Bake, stake or delegate your tezzies to a trusted and reliable node.


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Our mission: to help the Tezos project to become the top Blockchain platform. 
Our vision:  to contribute to the decentralization and distribution of Tezos Delegates/Bakers
Our value: to provide technical and financial skills, needed to support this innovative project


What is TEZOS?

Tezos is a decentralized blockchain that governs itself by establishing a true digital commonwealth.
Tezos was built to facilitate formal verification, a technique which boosts the security of the most sensitive or financially weighted smart contracts by mathematically proving the correctness of the code
governing transactions. 
Also, an innovative consensus protocol, based on Liquid Proof of Stake, empowers all the users to contribute, to secure and to be reworded.


Why TEZOS is different?

The Tezos blockchain will underpin secure, decentralized applications and smart contracts while avoiding some of the political and technological problems which earlier efforts such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have faced. Tezos was built on the belief that a deep commitment to security, formal verification, and governance that gives stakeholders the power to
make protocol decisions is the formula for earning trust and generating widespread adoption on the blockchain.  


What is BAKING ?

Bitcoin has mining, Tezos has baking. Bakers obtain the right to create a block when a Tezos token (a roll) they own (or that is delegated to them) is randomly selected to create a block. Since not everyone holding tokens is interested in being a baker, tokens can be “delegated” to another party. The delegate does not own or control the tokens in any way. In particular, it cannot spend them. However, if and when one of these tokens is randomly selected to bake a block, that right will belong to the delegate.

  1. The first Tezos Baker in Luxembourg. We contribute to the Tezos decentralization and distribution of nodes by providing a secure peer (server) geo-located in Luxembourg
  2. Dedicated and secure server. Our node is running on HP dedicated server, with powerful configuration, hosted in a CSSF certified datacenter, located in Luxembourg.
  3. Build the Tezos Luxembourg community. We engage all our friends and partners to support and to develop a strong community in Luxembourg area and around. 
  4. Lobby for growth. We negotiate with both Luxembourgish exchanges for listing Tezos on these exchanges. 
  5. Funding the development and increase value. Part of the funds that we get like rewards will be spent for increasing the awareness of Tezos in events, meetup, to develop, and to promote this project. 

Join our community


Motivation: The more bakers there are, the more decentralized the Tezos network will be. Decentralization means that a wide array of ordinary Tezos users, not just select few, are truly the ones running the show — this kind of widespread collaboration is what a decentralized and permissionless blockchain is all about! In addition to being a really cool feature, this also means the Tezos network will be more secure overall, because spreading out the power means that no individual or small group can conspire to manipulate the ledger history for their own purposes.